Wedding Tintypes

I cannot pinpoint the exact aha moment where the stars aligned and I answered the call to go back to my craft, that slow analog slow process of large format photography. My 4×5 camera had been sitting in my moms closet collecting dust. I knew I would come back to it one day.

When I was an art school nerd many moons ago I was instantaneously drawn to the beauty and precision that large format photography offered.  It was an antidote to the fast paced photojournalism work that I was doing at the time. My work has always been about people and the framework of these very formal portrait session allowed me to connect with my subjects (and for them to open up to me) in a much more profound way.

So when that aha moment came, to get back to the darkroom and my roots, I did not bat an eye. I was lucky enough to study with one of the most talented contemporary wet plate artists and I am exited to share this art form with my couples. 

For all couples that book a wedding with Jenny in 2019 I am offering a tintype portrait session as a gift with these handmade custom wood engraved and velvet embossed cases. They are all 4×5 inches. I think i am going to start doing a video series of people seeing their photos for the 1st time because without fail peoples jaws drop