Jenny’s Travel and Documentary Work

Jenny’s Story

As cliche as it sounds, Jenny really WAS born to be a photographer. Her passion for documenting life has taken her all around the world (a few times). She cut her teeth in the photojournalism world working for local newspapers in Brooklyn. Those initial jobs led her to work at the NYTimes, Newsweek, and on other life-changing humanitarian documentary assignments. In between Jenny’s work on round-the-world photographing stints, she poured her energy into organizing various fundraisers and consciousness raising events around the stories and issues she had photographed. When the Tsunami hit in 2006, Jenny sought out the help of the NYC photojournalism community and Magnum photos. She pulled together a group show of over 300 photographers from all over the world. Together, they raised over $35,000 for Architecture for Humanity, who spearheaded rebuilding in the regions affected. In 2006 she was sent on assignment with journalist Marianne Pearl to Cambodia. There, she documented the human trafficking epidemic for Glamour magazine. The stories of the young girls she met in brothels stayed with her. Afterward, she hosted many events in NYC focused on raising awareness of the issues affecting our sisters on the other side of the world. After her travels to Asia, her interest in Tibetan Buddhism peaked. Jenny spent years living among and documenting the thriving Tibetan diaspora in India and the Himalayas. Those photographs and travels culminated years later in an exhibit in Mexico City, where Jenny showed the Dalai Lama around!

The country Jenny has returned to most is India, and we want to share some of those photos with you today. What Jenny loves most about India is the warmth, the joy, and the openness – kinda similar to weddings!




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