Erin + Jonothan | Iceland Elopement

For the past few years I have been shooting elopements in Iceland. My love affair with Iceland started 15 years ago when I was backpacking in Morocco. I was in a little mountain town called Chefchaouen. I was sitting at a cafe reading a book and out of nowhere i see this big group of gorgeous blond/nordic looking characters. They came right over and introduced themselves. They were living in Sevilla studying Spanish and taken a short excursion to Morocco. We ended up all travelling together for the remainder of our trip and we have become life long friends.

Coincidentally the week that I graduated The School of Visual Arts I got a phone call from a magazine editor in London. The editor loved my photography work and hired me to shoot a story on stray puffins on the Island of Heimaey. From the moment I arrived in Iceland I knew it was a place that I would come back to over and over again.

Iceland pushes you as a photographer to see things differently. Doing these all day shoots in Iceland gives me time to really dig in and explore a couples story, their energy, their interactions and their intimacy. I get to take that experience back home with me to Brooklyn

elopein iceland elope in iceland

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