Let me introduce you to our videography team! We work with some of the most talented videographers and editors in NYC. How talented?….well our video editor has won EMMY’S that’s what’s up! And our videographers work seamlessly with your photographer. We love rolling deep to your wedding cameras swinging. All of our videography packages are all-inclusive so that you dont have to worry paying extra for anything.
Here is what you get:
a sizzle reel that is 60-90 seconds: This is the video that you will share far and wide on all your social media. Your friends from high school and college will drool over your awesome wedding and you will watch this video often producing little “love flutters” every time you watch it
An extended cut: These run about 7-10 minutes. This is for when you really want to dive in a be immersed in your big day. Your parents and best friends will be sure to share this watch this countless times. This is what you will show to your kids when they are older to show them how cool you were
Full ceremony, speeches and dances: You will also get an extended extended cut with your full ceremony (always shot with 2 angles and with LAV mics) Your full Speeches and dances. This is for your family, the parents and grandparents and your keepsake

Keira + Andrew | DUMBO

Andrea + Jon | Battery Gardens

Laine + Matt | Brooklyn Winery

O'Daine + Jeanel | Secret Garden LES

Sarah + Anson | 60 LES Penthouse

Angela + Yoni | Muse Circus School