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• Who is Jenny?

Jenny is the Momma Hen. The one who lovingly overseas every single little detail. She is a Type-A and obsessive especially about design, customer service, preparation and follow thru. The rest of the crew is grateful to have Jenny and the helm and she is honored to showcase the talents of the friends and photographers that she admires so deeply.

• Why is Jenny holding a Chicken?

Thats Jive Turkey, the head honcho of Jennys backyard flock in Bushwick which you get to visit when we have our 1st in person meeting

• How should I shop for a Photographer?

Well first you should like their photos! You know it when you see it, Don’t second guess yourself. Second you should like them personally and their approach. Wedding photography is a mix of creative talent and personality, they go hand in hand. You are going to spend the entire day with them so do some old fashioned internet stalking! Wedding Wire, The Knot, Google reviews. Read every review you can get your hands on.

• How far in advance do you book?

1.5 years to 48 hours. Seriously. Once we booked an awesome wedding at Greenwood Cemetery 2 days before. In all the hubbalub of life, work and wedding planning they actually forgot to hire a photographer and realized last minute. Only in NYC. (oh and it was a great wedding by the way)

• Is Wedding Photography a cool job?

HELL YEAH! We get to meet awesome people all the time and create iconic images and family heirlooms that are going to be front and center in your life, on your parents mantlepiece, on your grandkids nursery wall and your best friends profile pics. At the end of the day it is a wonderful feeling to be invited to document such an important day in your life.

• How many Images do you shoot each wedding?

About 2000. We edit that down to about 400-700 and put them up on a password protected website for you that stays up for 3 months. You will receive the high-resolution jpegs with no watermarks. Your online gallery will be ready within 6 weeks. Your friends and family can order prints quickly and easily right off the website.

• What lighting do you use?

We love to creatively utilize natural light and ambient light. We never shoot straight
on with flash but instead “bounce” the light so that indoor shots at night reflect the mood lighting that you have set up. It is always great to plan your photos around “magic hour” which is 1-2 hours before sunset. Midday in the sunlight is the most difficult because of the unflattering shadows this light casts and because of the comfort level for you and your wedding party. Shooting midday in the shade is a good option. Keep these tips in mind when you are envisioning where and when you would like your group photos. We also have photographed weddings that are solely lit by candles. Our cameras have a very high ISO rating which means we can easily shoot in low-lighting situations.

• Do you do posed/group/family photos?

We do believe in orchestrating some important group shots. I suggest setting aside about 30 minutes before or after the ceremony for your group shots. Our philosophy is to keep the group shots organized and fun and we work extensively with you to come up with a simple and structured photo-game plan for the big day. There is something beautiful about having all the most important people in your life together for these photos and we capture that energy and mood in a relaxed, playful and genuine way.

• Do you work with an assistant?

If needed. For weddings over 125 people we suggest a second shooter. Our second shooters are also top of the line commercial fine art/photojournalist wedding photographers. There is an additional $950 fee for a second shooter.

• Do you travel and are there travel fees?

Yes we travel anywhere in the world. We have shot weddings from The Blue Mountains to Bali. There are no fees up to 50 miles from Brooklyn. For 50-100 miles we add a $200 surcharge and $50 for every 50 miles thereafter. After that expect to budget for our plane ticket or car and hotel. Jenny does not personally charge travel fees to Montauk or the Hudson Valley/Catskills, but the other associates do!

• Tell me about your stylish hip photo booth

We set up a mini photo studio at your reception with professional lighting. Your guests are totally free, loose and candid. The photo booth is always a big highlight of the wedding for all your guests. We also offer on site printing or a custom designed hardcover album for you to keep. The day after your wedding we upload all your photo booth photos to our site where your guests can download the high resolution copies of their photos.

• Do you offer albums?

Yes we do. The luxurious heirloom album that comes with your package is 32 sides which equates to about 80 photos. You also have the option to add more pages. Our lovely book designer sends you a PDF of the book 2 weeks after you have chosen your favorite images. Two full rounds of changes are included in the design process. Once we have your final approval your book is sent to our printing and binding people and is ready approximately 4 weeks later. 10×10 hardcover parent albums are duplicates of your heirloom album.

• Are you insured?

We have full liability insurance and can provide a certificate of insurance if your venue requests one.

• What's an engagement session like?

Engagement sessions are a great way to really memorialize this time in a couple’s life together. We will work with you on a concept, and inspiration to come up with the perfect idea for your portrait session that is timeless, cool and best represents your unique personalities.

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