Eloping from Scotland to NYC!

Bethesda Terrace Elopement

When no other city in the world will do, New York is the place to get married.  After traveling all the way from Scotland, that’s exactly what this couple did.

What better landmark to seal the deal than right in the middle of Central Park? This Bethesda Terrace elopement turned out exactly as Connie and Alexander had hoped. Complete with a group of Scots in kilts and one gorgeous white gown, their wedding dreamed turned into reality.

The lively group of close friends and family stood by as the couple made it official with the Most Reverend Matt Levy. They followed the beautiful ceremony with a rented trolley, which fit their fun and joyous personalities to a T! It was a perfect unique way to take their family and friends along to various portrait locations throughout the city.

If you’ve ever wondered what Scots like to wear under their kilts, you’re in luck! Scroll through to see!




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