Hi There. OK so you love our photos. That is established, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be here at the about page to find out who is behind these dope photos.

So Im definitely gonna tell you about how I take my coffee and what my favorite pet is. But 1st I want to give you the straight dope on hiring a wedding photographer.

The 1st step in the process, (which you have already started) is finding photos that draw you in, photos that you can see yourself in. You are gonna look at a ton of photographers throughout this process. Its New York after all, home of some of the most talented wedding photographers out there (lucky you)

The other aspect of hiring a wedding photographer that is slightly intangible but will make all the difference in the world is the experience of working with said photographer with those awesome images.

We care deeply about our clients. The is what drew me to wedding photography in the beginning. The fact that I could have this chance to guide and care for people on this emotional and significant day of their life is one of my biggest strengths. Our job starts when we meet you and we are there for you every step of the way.

We prep you mentally and emotionally for this big day of fun, love emotion and a shit ton of pictures.

The years and years of experience under our belt allows us to be thorough and detailed in all aspects of what we do from meeting to delivering your images, or as my mom would say “from soup to nuts”

Couples, friends, family and parents always thank us at the end of their wedding, for having a good time, for feeling relaxed. But don’t take my word for it check out our reviews there’s Wedding Wire there’s The Knot even Google places you name it. Last I checked we probably have the most five star reviews of pretty much any photographer you’d be looking at, so yeah take a look, read about our past couples’ experiences of working with us and If these things that I am speaking about are important to you then email me so you can come to my Bushwick townhouse for a cocktail. Did I mention that my husband runs a speakeasy in our house…so you are guaranteed some awesome cocktails!!



Im Jenny. I started Stylish Hip Weddings 8 years ago with a handful of my good friends. I came to weddings thru my work as a photojournalist and editorial photographer. The art directors and photos editors that I worked with all saw that I had this incredible talent for weddings thru my connection to my subjects and my sensitivity behind the lens. So I started shooting weddings and I have not looked back.

My Grandma and my favorite Uncle were both photographers (fine-art and photojournalism respectively) my 1st darkroom experience was when I was probably 5 years old. I started shooting when I was 14 as a skater punk kid who hung out in the East Village. I shot mosh pits and triple ollies and figured out how to get press passes for Beastie Boys concerts.

I did eventually pursue an art school degree and graduated The School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Photography. My serious addiction to traveling brought me all over the world and one of my greatest photographic accomplishments was the Photo documentary project I did on the Tibetan Diaspora. A few years after the completion I had the opportunity to exhibit that work and His Holiness the Dalai Lama attended the opening and held my hand as I showed him my work. I have studied Buddhism for many years and have taught meditation and Buddhist philosophy so meeting the Dalai Lama was a huge blessing for me.

My days are filled with playing with my 2 beautiful daughters, who show up on my instagram all the time, mostly eating or dancing. Gardening and tending for our backyard chickens. Baking and making homemade beauty products, reading really nerdy psychology books, laughing at silly MEMES. I am addicted to buying house plants and I light incense 5 times a day. I love old soul music and cold winter air. I love mopping and laundry but despise all other housework. My favorite part of the day is cuddling in the morning and at night with my family. I like heavy cream in my coffee and I love my chickens


Jonica (monica with a j) is key member of the Stylish Hip Weddings team. She quickly puts couples at ease by her grace behind the camera. Although she’s a tried and true Brooklynite, Jonica still carries a hint of her hometown Texas charm. Jonica honed her skills at the International Center of Photography and The Fashion Institute of Technology. She constantly impresses clients with her talent in finding incredible locations to shoot throughout New York City. Jonica is a consummate observer. She loves being able to enter the sacred space of wedding ceremonies and preserve the beautiful moments that would otherwise be lost. Jonica cleverly immortalizes each detail that makes a wedding special. She feels honored to document the joining of two lives together into one.


Mariliana (marie-lee-anna, roll the rrrrrr) was born and raised in Venezuela and is the mastermind behind Stylish and Hip Kids. Couples instantly feel connected by her warm heart and huge smile. Fluent in Spanish and a former flamenco dancer, her upbeat energy is contagious. When Mariliana isn’t behind the lens, you can find her dancing, teaching yoga, and discovering new neighborhoods in New York City. Her clients say, “We chose Mariliana because of her exceptional eye for capturing the simple beauty of the moment, her passion for the craft of photography, and the contagious joy she exudes. She captured what we wanted to remember about our wedding as well as things we wanted to see.”


Kristin Gladney is a graduate of Brown University. She studied fine art photography at Rhode Island School of Design and The Art Institute of Florence. For all you art directors and design nerds, Kristin’s passion project, Portrait of a Creative, launched a few years ago and is highly regarded in the design world. Kristin currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. She’s traveled (and photographed) the world working on commercial and editorial assignments for Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler, Gourmet, Martha Stewart Living, House & Garden, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, and others. Her experience with commercial and editorial photography has given her a unique approach to photographing weddings.